Tanzania Photo Safari

Africa Tours 2020


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Terms and Conditions: 

· The Tanzania Safari will depart on May 17,and return on May 29.  Price: $5,790/person.
· A $100 deposit will be required upon registration for the 2020 Africa tours.
·  The first payment for the trip will be due when we purchase air travel tickets and lodging. We will notify you in advance.
·  Group size will be limited to 8-12 people.

·  We suggest that you also consider purchasing travel insurance covering trip interruption, cancellation and baggage loss. One such insurance firm is Diver Alert Network at Durham, NC. You may reach the company at 1-800-446-2671.

·  For the tour payments, please make checks payable to Su Zhou and send to: 
Africa Photo Expeditions,   
11263 SW  91st Court ,
Tigard, OR 97223